Anna and the Moods

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Icelandic Title: Anna og skapsveiflurnar 

A CAOZ Production 

Directed by Gunnar Karlsson 

Original story and script by Sjón 

Produced by Hilmar Sigurdsson & Arnar Thorisson 

Visual creation: Gunnar Karlsson 

Anna and the Moods Synopsis

There once was a girl named Anna Young. One day, her family is waiting for their perfect daughter to arrive at the breakfast table and kiss them good morning as always. But this morning Anna wakes up with a horrible illness. She looks like a sad version of Marilyn Manson and is terribly moody.  

Not realizing what is “wrong” with their daughter, Anna’s parents decide to take her to Dr. Artmanns’ clinic for kids with behaviour problems. In his analysis of Anna, Dr. Armann uses a huge labyrinth where Anna is exposed to various tasks. The only way out of the maze for Anna is to complete her tasks in the right manners. But the right way is not necessarily the parents think to be the right one. 

After Anna does mischief wherever she finds herself in the labyrinth, and thus escapes it, Dr. Artmann comes to a shocking conclusion. And the ‘cure’ that follows is a nasty surprise for her parents. 

Production of Anna and the Moods

Anna and the Moods is written by Academy Award nominated Icelandic writer SJÓN on a original commission by the Brodsky Quartet, which also performs the music in the film. Julian Nott composes. He is the composer of Wallace and Gromit, Nick Park’s Academy Award winning films. 

Gunnar Karlsson directs and creates the visual look of the film, which is animated in CAOZ studio. Anna and the Moods is produced by Hilmar Sigurdsson and Arnar Thorisson of CAOZ in Reykjavik. 

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