Equality and Equal Pay Policy of GunHil

The goal of the Equality and Equal Pay Policy of GunHil

The Equality and Equal Pay Policy of GunHil is intended to ensure women, men and non-binary who work at the company equal opportunities as is laid out in the Icelandic Act no. 150/2020 of equal position and equal rights of all genders. The goal is to ensure all employees having equal opportunities and prevent any form of discrimination based on gender, nationality, religious views, life perspectives, disability, limited ability, sexual preference or gender identity.

Ways to pursue goal

The following will be our guidelines in pursuing our goal:

Equality: At GunHil, every person has equal opportunity independent of gender, nationality, religion, life perspective, disability, limited ability, sexual preference, gender identity or other non-relevant factors.

Equal pay: Women, men and non-binary are paid equal pay for the same or equally valuable work.

Hiring, training and re-education: The selection of employees is based on a professional and neutral valuation and all jobs that are open for application are made available to all genders. It is stressed that all employees have equal access to training and re-education.

Coordination of family and private life: It is emphasised that employees are given the opportunity to organise and coordinate work and working hours, whenever possible.

Gender based harassment, sexual harassment or bullying is never tolerated at GunHil.

Implementation and follow-up

The CEO of GunHil is responsible for documentation, implementation and enforcement of this policy in cooperation with the Human Resources Director. The CEO and the Human Resources Director are responsible in executing this annual revision and ensures that there are proper reactions to suggestions and discrepancies, if required. The CEO and the Human Resources Director are furthermore responsible for the overview that the company operates in line with legislation and public rules on equality in Iceland.

All managers at GunHil are obligated to follow the equality and equal pay policy of GunHil and are jointly responsible for continuous improvement in all aspects of the policy.

The policy presented to all employees is made available on GunHil’s official and public website.

This policy applies to all employees of GunHil.

Approved by the Board of Directors of GunHil ehf.

GunHil ehf

Hlíðarfæti 13

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Equality Policy GunHil Ltd. v.1 – September 2023

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