PLOEY at the Americal Film Market

ARRI Media will bring brand new footage from the upcoming animated feature film “PLOEY – You Never Fly Alone” to the American Film Market that starts on November 2, in Santa Monica. ARRI’s booth at AFM is at Loews 627. The footage is available to selective buyers only. Meanwhile production is in full force in GunHil’s studio in Reykjavik and Cyborn’s Antwerp studio where dozens of professional work hard towards the late 2017 delivery deadline. Below is a still from the material that ARRI will bring to the market.

Ploey tells of af young plover that is unable to fly and migrate south when fall comes. He must survive the arctic winter, vicious enemies and learn to fly to be united with his loved ones next spring.


A new PLOEY book in Iceland

Veröld Publishers in Reykjavik are releasing in Iceland a new book that contains the original story of PLOEY – You Never Fly Alone.

LOI Iceland Screen

From the book cover:

An unexpected incident causes Ploey the plover chick to be left behind when his very best friend Ploveria flies south with all the other migrating birds in the fall. Ploey is determined to fight for his life and be reunited with Ploveria in the spring. He faces countless challenges; Shadow the falcon is among other predators who want him dead, and not least the freezing arctic winter. With the help of new friends, he achieves the impossible – and then some!

A major international screen version of this this sweet and exciting story is currently in production, from the makers of Legends of Valhalla – Thor, the biggest Icelandic international box-office success in history. 

The publishing day for the book is October 24, 2016. The book is available in Icelandic and English.


Ploe – You Never Fly Alone in development

GunHil is extremely proud to announce its first animated family feature film in development. The film is based on a story and script by Fridrik Erlingsson, a well-known novelist and script writer (Benjamin Dove, Legends of Vallhalla – Thor). The film is visually created and co-directed by GunHil’s Gunnar Karlsson and produced by Hilmar Sigurdsson and Haukur Sigurjonsson.

Ploe is born the latest of 4 plover chicks and is off on the wrong wing from the very start. When autumn comes and his family migrates to warmer climates, the young chick has not yet learned to fly. He faces the harsh winter, cruel enemies and vicious elements which he has to battle with his new friends.

The film has received script funding support from the Icelandic Film Centre and is expected to be out in 2015. You can read more on the film here on the site.

Space Stallions soar at Cartoon Forum.

It was a breath taking moment at the trailer show after lunch on Thursday at Cartoon Forum in Toulouse. People cheered, whistled and applauded after the screening of the Space Stallions trailer and it was obvious that this entertainment was highly appreciated. One veteran of Cartoon Forum described the moment as “unprecedented”.

This was only the beginning of what turned out to be a great day for GunHil and the Space Stallions. Over 200 people showed up for the presentation and the room was jammed packed. There where continues cheers and laughter throughout the presentation and when the trailer appeared in full force at the end of the pitch, it was obvious that something extraordinary had taken place. Space Stallions was one of the most attended presentation of the 69 projects pitched there.

The future looks bright and ahead is serious talk with major internationals and others on how to bring the Space Stallions series from the multi-world into this world. Exciting times ahead in our 5 months old company – which happens to be “still under the same management” so we quote a good Danish friend of ours.

The photos are courtesy of Claudius Gebele of Studio Rakete, who was kind enough to send us few.

Panel at Cartoon Forum 2012 Pitch