Denmark and Norway premiere approaching

The film ‘Legends of Valhalla – Thor’ which was co-directed and visually created by Gunnar Karlsson, and produced by Hilmar Sigurdsson and Arnar Thorisson while back with Caoz, will have its premiere in Denmark on April 24 and Norway on May 11. The trailers in local languages are available here:




Box-office hit in S-Korea

Our previous endeavour ‘Legends of Valhalla – Thor’, created while back with Caoz, has been a true box-office hit in S-Korea, a country that saw local film having around 70% market share in 2011. The film was 6 weeks straight on the top-10 box-office list, starting at 4 for the first two weeks and then hovering between eight and 10th place. The film generated close to 5 M $ in box office with over 755.000 admissions in S-Korea only. This is by all means a great success which is not least by clever marketing strategy by Smile Int. who distributed the film in S-Korea. Gunnar Karlsson co-directed and visually created the film, which is produced by Hilmar Sigurdsson & Arnar Thorisson.

Making it work!

Then it is official ladies and gentlemen – we are airborne here at GunHil Ltd. in Reykjavik. As of April fool’s day 2012 we have fasten our seat-belts, our chairs are in upright position, our tables are cleared and all electronic devices are turned on for the take-off.

Gunnar Karlsson and Hilmar Sigurdsson have been collaborating for over 25 years and yet again, they are ready for new adventures and making it work! They are joined from the very start by Haukur Sigurjónsson, who is leading our Malmö, Sweden office and is our expert on trans-media and gaming.

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