Red Waters at Cartoon Movies

GunHil will introduce its newest property at Cartoon Movies in Lyon coming March. Red Waters is based on an Opera by Lady & Bird (Barði Jóhannesson and Keren Ann Zeidel). The opera was staged in Orleans and Rouen.

The river of Red Waters roots in an ancient myth where young lovers that turned out to be twins separated at birth die in the river, transforming the river water into ruby red wine with healing powers. The only thing that the river demands is that each time twins of opposite sex are born in the village they should be sacrificed before the end of their 25th birthday.

Every day the whole village partakes in a drinking ritual where everyone accepts the elixir of the river and miracle pilgrims come for cures. But when all of a sudden the wine turns to vinegar it is evident that a twin birth has been kept secret, the divine order has been violated.


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