New location from August 15 in Reykjavik

We are progressing on all fronts so as of August 15, GunHil’s new HQ will open at Thverholt 14, 105 Reykjavik. The new spacious offices are just off Hlemmur square in Reykjavik and steps away from Laugavegur, the main shopping street in Reykjavik leading to downtown. We will not be alone there as Atelier Atli Hilmarsson will reside with us with his team of creative graphic designers.

No changes will be on phone numbers or other contacts. The moving is a part of our strategy ‘Out of the Basement’ but we have been running our operations out of a really nice basement in heart of the city – a very appropriate way for starting a company that is on steady and sure track towards being a leading European animation production house.

We look forward to continue to grow in a new location!

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