Through our production work in the animation industry, we have a unique experience in producing animation from the smallest 10 second spots to a whole CG stereoscopic feature film in 3D. Fantastic characters have been the core of our previous experience with the great characters designed by Gunnar Karlsson, our co-founder. His design and character work has won awards and accolades the world over and he keeps in form by drawing a weekly cartoon in Iceland’s biggest newspaper.

We are full force in developing our own properties where we apply our long time experience with creatives like script writers, artist and other authors. Please have a look at our Film & TV section here on the site for our own productions.

Here is the official trailer for ‘Legends of Valhalla – THOR’ the animated CG feature film we produced, co-directed and visually created while back in Caoz.

Gunnar Karlsson wrote and directed Kvak – a short film as a part of celebrating Icelandic Filmmaker’s Asscociation’s 40th anniversary. The film was produced by Hilmar Sigurdsson and made at Caoz.




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