Box-office hit in S-Korea

Our previous endeavour ‘Legends of Valhalla – Thor’, created while back with Caoz, has been a true box-office hit in S-Korea, a country that saw local film having around 70% market share in 2011. The film was 6 weeks straight on the top-10 box-office list, starting at 4 for the first two weeks and then hovering between eight and 10th place. The film generated close to 5 M $ in box office with over 755.000 admissions in S-Korea only. This is by all means a great success which is not least by clever marketing strategy by Smile Int. who distributed the film in S-Korea. Gunnar Karlsson co-directed and visually created the film, which is produced by Hilmar Sigurdsson & Arnar Thorisson.

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