ARRI Worldsales with PLOE in Cannes (Marché du Film)

PLOE – You Never Fly Alone will have it first market appearance by ARRI Worldsales at the Cannes film festival this year. The film was announced in development at Cartoon Movies in Lyon last March where a Co-production agreement with Trixter of Munich was announced as well as ARRI Worldsales agreement for the Stereoscopic 3D film slated for release in late 2015.

GunHil is the lead producer for the film, which script is written by Fridrik Erlingsson and to be Directed by Árni Ólafur Ásgeirsson (Undercurrent) and Co-Directed by Gunnar Karlsson, who also leads visual development for the film. Hilmar Sigurdsson and Haukur Sigurjonsson of GunHil are producing with Michael Coldeway of Trixter Co-producing.

ARRI Worldsales will be bringing first pre-teaser and artwork in progress to the market as well as the latest script version for interested distributors. ARRI is already reporting strong interest in PLOE which is expected to go into production by the end of the year.

PLOE – You Never Fly Alone tells of a plover chick that is born the latest of 3 siblings and is off on the wrong wing from the very start. When autumn comes and his family migrates to warmer climate, the young chick has not yet learned to fly. He faces harsh winter, cruel enemies and vicious elements which he has to battle with new friends.

PLOE - You Never Fly Alone

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