Ploe – You Never Fly Alone in development

GunHil is extremely proud to announce its first animated family feature film in development. The film is based on a story and script by Fridrik Erlingsson, a well-known novelist and script writer (Benjamin Dove, Legends of Vallhalla – Thor). The film is visually created and co-directed by GunHil’s Gunnar Karlsson and produced by Hilmar Sigurdsson and Haukur Sigurjonsson.

Ploe is born the latest of 4 plover chicks and is off on the wrong wing from the very start. When autumn comes and his family migrates to warmer climates, the young chick has not yet learned to fly. He faces the harsh winter, cruel enemies and vicious elements which he has to battle with his new friends.

The film has received script funding support from the Icelandic Film Centre and is expected to be out in 2015. You can read more on the film here on the site.

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