GunHil is co-founded by Gunnar Karlsson and Hilmar Sigurdsson, a long time collaborators in creative ventures, ranging from advertising, over to design, cross-media, animation and film. They started their new joint venture out the basement of Gunnar’s house in centre of Reykjavik on April 1, 2012.

Together Hilmar and Gunnar are the business and creative force behind some of Iceland’s most spectacular creative ventures, the best known probably being the CG animated feature film ‘Legends of Valhalla – THOR’ which is already the biggest Icelandic box-office success outside its home country. Hilmar and Gunnar spearheaded the film as then the CEO and the Creative Director of Caoz.

Besides film, Gunnar and Hilmar have been involved in numerous commercial projects during the course of over 25 years of their collaboration. They have made many of the most memorable animated commercials in Iceland, directed and executed award winning commercials, designed long lasting brand and corporate identities and are known to deliver their outstanding work on time and budget.

Hilmar is the CEO and the producer of GunHil. After having spearheaded the formation and build-up of CAOZ ltd. into a leading European CG animation house, Hilmar & Gunnar parted the company upon a very successful release of a full feature animated film ‘Legends of Valhalla – THOR’. The film was produced by Hilmar and co-directed and visually created by Gunnar.

Gunnar is a creative force by himself, having directed, visually created and illustrated some of Iceland’s best known work in animation and advertising. Besides that, Gunnar’s painting work is well known in our home-country.

To proof our belief in media convergence we are very proud to have with us from the very start Haukur Sigurjonsson, who heads our ventures in Sweden and stands for our trans-media development.


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