We love our work and making it work! With over 25 years’ of experience each, our founders have set out to make the best of their experience at GunHil.

Our work expands from traditional advertising, trough design and illustration over to cross media, animation and film alike. Combining a long and successful experience with the constant search for creative solutions makes us a unique creative place where our main drive is finding the appropriate solution and making it work!

Throughout the years we have been awarded countless times for our work in advertising, design, cross-media, film and animation. We love to win awards, but our priority is succesful results and we take that over any award – any time!

We strongly believe that to put on the best for our clients, we need to be versatile as well as harvesting our experience in the different media, both of which are required to make a wave in the noisy marketplace today. Applying that to our experience and creative skills – voilà – something magical is bound to happen – making it work!

In our animation and film department we are continuing with our great track-record of making impossible things possible. We are working on exciting projects and all with the aim of turning great stories into fantastic films with strong IP and Trans-media potential.

Please feel free to explore our previous commercial experiences within the various media:

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