PLOE soars at Cannes Marché du Film

ARRI Worldsales introduced PLOE – You Never Fly Alone for the very first time at the Marché du Film in Cannes, after having secured the world sales right to the little likable plover chick at Cartoon Movies back in March.

To cut a long story short, the market reacted very positively to the new property, despite limited marketing material and still over 30 months to delivery. Based on our little first-look teaser, ARRI has presold “Ploe” to CIS and Baltics (Big Movie), China (H.G.C.), Poland (Kinoswiat), Israel (FilmHouse), South Korea (Smile Ent.) and Middle East (Shooting Stars) to name the main deals.

Moritz Hemminger, Sales Director of ARRI Worldsales was quoted: “We had bidding wars from Russia and South Korea; it’s very rare to close so many deals so early on a project.”

The industry media didn’t let this progress go unnoticed, including Screen Daily and Variety. Here below are links to some of the press coverage these very early pre-sales generated.

Upon reporting these news to the team at GunHil one employee was overheard mumbling “… shit, now we actually have to complete the film on time”. The rest of the team was of course delighted with the encouragement coming from such great results in Cannes this year.

ARRI Worldsales has concluded a raft of pre-sales in Cannes

ARRI Worlsales is reporting a thriving market for PLOE: You Never Fly Alone at the Marché du Film in Cannes. The film which is in pre-production is expected to be delivered by end of 2015 was a subject to a bidding war for the Russian and S-Korean market with Big Movies (RU) and Smile Entertainment (KO) finally securing the distribution rights for their markets. Moritz Hemminger, sales director of ARRI Worldsales is quoted in Cineurope interview: “We had bidding wars from Russia and South Korea; it’s very rare to close so many deals so early on a project,”

Screen Daily reported of these sales , both in the printed publication in Cannes as well as their electronic version on-line. Variety also reported on this highly unusual interest on such a early stage in an animated film project.

We are extreamily proud of these achievements so early into the production of our upcoming film and look forward to follow up on this initial success in more markets as we progress with our film.