Space Stallions soar at Cartoon Forum.

It was a breath taking moment at the trailer show after lunch on Thursday at Cartoon Forum in Toulouse. People cheered, whistled and applauded after the screening of the Space Stallions trailer and it was obvious that this entertainment was highly appreciated. One veteran of Cartoon Forum described the moment as “unprecedented”.

This was only the beginning of what turned out to be a great day for GunHil and the Space Stallions. Over 200 people showed up for the presentation and the room was jammed packed. There where continues cheers and laughter throughout the presentation and when the trailer appeared in full force at the end of the pitch, it was obvious that something extraordinary had taken place. Space Stallions was one of the most attended presentation of the 69 projects pitched there.

The future looks bright and ahead is serious talk with major internationals and others on how to bring the Space Stallions series from the multi-world into this world. Exciting times ahead in our 5 months old company – which happens to be “still under the same management” so we quote a good Danish friend of ours.

The photos are courtesy of Claudius Gebele of Studio Rakete, who was kind enough to send us few.

Panel at Cartoon Forum 2012 Pitch

Making it work!

Then it is official ladies and gentlemen – we are airborne here at GunHil Ltd. in Reykjavik. As of April fool’s day 2012 we have fasten our seat-belts, our chairs are in upright position, our tables are cleared and all electronic devices are turned on for the take-off.

Gunnar Karlsson and Hilmar Sigurdsson have been collaborating for over 25 years and yet again, they are ready for new adventures and making it work! They are joined from the very start by Haukur Sigurjónsson, who is leading our Malmö, Sweden office and is our expert on trans-media and gaming.

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